The Friends of the Library serve as SDCL's greatest advocates. The Friends not only raise money to improve services at the branches, but also provide invaluable contributions by advocating on behalf of SDCL to the community and elected officials.


The Friends of the Library support capital projects by fundraising to purchase furniture, fixtures, and equipment for new buildings and remodel projects.


SDCL ranked 4th in the nation in terms of number of programs offered each year! Many of these programs are funded by the Friends of the Library. With everything from crafts to exercise programs to author visits, the Friends support the library's mission to inform, educate, inspire, and entertain all ages.


Funds raised by the Friends contribute to the purchase of library materials, including books, DVDs, and music CDs.


The Friends of the Library host book sales at their respective library branches. Community members can donate gently used books, movies, and CDs to the cause. The items are sold at a deep discount as compared to bookstores and all proceeds go back to the library.